Five Kinds of Kangen Water


Leveluk SD 501 DX ll

Strong Acidic Kangen Water (Water for Hygiene)

Strong acidic water has superior disinfectant effects that can prevent food poisoning. Use it to wash and sterilize foodstuffs, dishes and utensils.
● Wash and sterilize kitchen knives, chopping boards, cloths etc.
● Wash and sterilize your fingertips
● Sterilize toothbrushes and clean your teeth
● Clean your skin

Acidic Kangen Water (Water for Beauty)

Use weak alkaline water for skin washing and facial cleanser, for healthy skin. Use it for boiling pasta and noodles, and for tempura batter.
Acidic water is recognized to have an astringent effect on the skin. Use it on the skin when its pores are operation, after showering or facial cleansing, to tighten the pores and tone the skin.

Clean Water (Water for Peace of Mind)

For taking medicine or mixing baby formula.
The triple-layer, high-performance filter removes odor, of course, rust, turbidity, and lead, which is always a cause for concern. The resulting water still has its mineral content, and it tastes great.
Always use clean water for taking medicine, and for mixing baby formula.

Kangen Water (Water for Health)

Kangen Water makes better-tasting drinking water and meals.
Drinking Kangen Water every day is effective in improving gastro-intestinal condition.
Use it to cook rice, or in boiled dishes, to draw out the flavor of the ingredients.

Strong Kangen Water (Water for the Environment)

Kangen Water, which is only water but cleans like detergent, protects hygiene in your daily life.
● Clean kitchen knives, chopping boards and dishes
● Wash vegetables, meat and fish
● Clean and remove slipperiness from floors and gutters
● Reduce the detergent in your laundry
● Remove the bitterness from bamboo shoots, warabi bracken, zenmai and other wild vegetables

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