Kangen Water® has been a registered trademark of Enagic since 2005.

No other company can use this trademark. Enagic USA is the only company granted full rights to use the Kangen Water® trademark.

Recently, many unethical companies have illegally attempted to use our trademark. Although we have sent multiple cease and desist letters, they persist with this illegal activity. For this reason, we have instructed our legal department to pursue these imposters.

We strongly encourage you to make sure that the electrolysis machine you purchase is protected by our trademark and is an authentic Kangen Water® machine.

The electrolysis machines we manufacture in Japan and sell in the United States are recognized as medical devices in Japan and are, also, exclusively authorized as such.

Machines manufactured in Korea and Taiwan do not have recognition as medical devices in those countries, yet they continue to sell their machines as Kangen Water® devices in the United States.

Once again, please ensure that the product you are purchasing is authentic and has the Kangen Water® Trademark