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Hydration is a key factor to creating an alkaline environment in the body.

As you may very well know the body can survive without food for an extended period of time, but hydration is a vital element for survival. In fact hydration is so important that every system in the body depends on water to function for optimal health. Several degenerative diseases are linked to dehydration, such as Alzheimer’s, autism, arthritis, diabetes and many more.

Chronic Dehydration

Dehydration is the biggest enemy to achieving optimum total health and vitality. The average person and even high performance athletes alike all suffer from dehydration and I believe it is the single biggest factor in optimum performance.

Water is such an important resource for overcoming chronic dehydration, but remember all water is not the same! In order to get the most from your water Ionization is the factor that will produce the highest quality and most efficient water to hydrate the body.

Ionization lowers the surface tension of water significantly and transforms the molecular structure of the water into smaller clusters, which can permeate the cell wall and thus super hydrate the cell. This is called micro clustering, think of it this way; if you had a hand full of golf balls and threw it against a chain link fence some would get through but not all of them that is what happens with big water (regular water) but with micro
clustering same scenario this time instead of a golf balls you have a hand full of bbs the outcome is completely different, this time you get complete penetration of the cells hydrating and delivering much needed nutrients directly into the cell.

A super hydrated cell allows for faster contraction speed, the removal of metabolic waste products such as lactic acid, and has also been shown to improve protein synthesis along with numerous other cellular functions. Regular water cannot penetrate the cell to the same degree and in fact may be counterproductive to hydrating the cell.

Most bottled waters, sports drinks, and energy drinks actually dehydrate the cell instead of hydrating it and reduces performance as opposed to increasing athletic ability. Long-term dehydration leads to chronic injury due to the loss of minerals as the body struggles to alkalize the blood and tissues by stealing minerals out of connective tissues and bones.

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