Dr Corrine Allen’s work with Autism

Seven doctors, a room the size of two football fields, and 900 people waiting to hear validation on the scientific efficacy of micro-clustered, ionized water in the human body—that was the scene when Dr. Corinne Allen and six other doctors spoke at the annual Premiere Partner’s Change Your Life Weekend in Palm Desert on October 18th.
World class, Dr. Allen is a force to be reckoned with. She has had an unsurpassed explicit impact on autism. It is at her clinic in Idaho, the Advanced Learning & Development Institute, where parents bring their children for help. A privilege for me was a personal introduction to Dr. Allen by Genevieve Brown, my friend and colleague.

Dr. Allen’s passion, intellect and work with brain challenges, specifically autism, is revolutionary. Where some of her clients, children primarily, have previously been carted from one specialized autism facility to another with little results, it is here that mothers and fathers have at last found peace of mind and more hope for developmental progress for their beloved child than ever before.

Among the first in the field to publicly step out and up to affirm and confirm that “…structured water aids and enhances water’s ability to hydrate cells making cell hydration more efficient,” Dr. Allen goes on to say, “[Water] may be the key ingredient to enzyme activity and function.” She also states that brain injury and dehydration go together. Many autistic individuals drink little to NO water. Instead they almost solely drink milk, soda, juice and other artificial drinks. Yet, when Kangen Water™ is introduced positive results for the brain increases 35%. In fact, everything in an autistic’s biology improves.

What this means is there is more hope than ever before for every autistic child and their mother, father, brother, sister and greater family members who love them.

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